Our Story

Ankha Jewellery is a Bangkok-based jewellery company founded by two friends Anuja Kedia and Rekha Sen in November 2017. Our fine jewellery pieces are designed with everyday wear in mind, focusing on understated elegance and versatility.

Made in 14k gold, incorporating different types of precious stones including diamonds, sapphires and pearls, our inspiration hails from beautiful friendships and bonds formed between people - mother/daughter, sisters and friends.

Crafted to be worn independently or shared with another, our signature pieces feature this concept of duality in its designs. The cutout collection can be separated or joined together, worn individually, layered, or as a complete piece.

At Ankha we are constantly developing and expanding our collection, with special seasonal pieces woven into our mainstream collections throughout the year. 

For more information on our international exhibitions and events, custom orders and enquiries, please contact us directly at ankhajewellery@gmail.com