Our Story

Ankha Jewellery is a Bangkok-based company founded by friends Anuja Kedia and Rekha Sen in 2018. Coming from families long-established in the jewellery and luxury business, we recognized the potential for a synergistic partnership. As new mothers navigating the demands of parenthood when we met, we were inspired to craft pieces that seamlessly integrated into our lives. Our vision was to uphold the quality and craftsmanship we were accustomed to, to create versatile, contemporary pieces suitable for every occasion.

We believe everyday pieces should be anything but boring, whilst being comfortable enough to take you throughout the day.

With a diverse multicultural background between us, spanning from Asia to Europe, Ankha’s exquisite pieces are inspired by our love of reimagining the canvas that surrounds us - be it the spokes of the Oriental fan or stripes of the Bengal tiger, the symmetry found in architecture or the organic lines of mother nature.

With a focus on impeccable craftsmanship executed by our dedicated team of Thai artisans, we bring art to life using 14K gold, diamonds and sapphires. Known historically for their high skills in carving, etching, sculpting and setting, our pieces are curated to perfection from wax to finish product.

With an extensive technical know-how on comfort to boot, the end result is the perfect capture of light and shadow, beauty and form. Meticulously constructed for the most ideal fit, the formation and sculptural nature of each piece tells a different story as one transitions from day to night.

At Ankha we strive to create both joyfully and responsibly opting for the most sustainable options wherever possible and are committed to giving back to the community, without compromising on the quality and integrity of our products. We outsource parts of our manufacturing process to support underserved communities and NGOs. Ankha’s packaging has in part been created by the Baan Dek Foundation in Thailand and Women of Will in Malaysia, empowering women in need. 


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